Introducing our Patient H.E.R.O.* Highlight

Introducing our Patient H.E.R.O.* Highlight
*Happily Encouraging Rx Outreach
Now that we have met. (If we haven’t, please see my introduction here)  I want to tell you a little more about my experience as a VISTA. 
VISTA stands for Volunteers In Service to America. It is one of the programs under the AmeriCorps umbrella. 
I should state, just for the record, that I am not a medical professional. Or any professional. I am a writer and a volunteer(er). 
I did my first stint as a VISTA in 2008. I initially decided to join the Peace Corps. But I got cold feet. I was 42 at the time, and I thought I didn’t want to learn a new language and sleep on a straw mat. That was a younger woman’s game. 
I was complaining that I wished I would have thought of that first before I put the time in to apply. Well, that’s when a friend taught me about AmeriCorps and VISTA. Three months later, I was unpacking my bags for a service year in Juneau, Alaska. 
VISTA links people like me to organizations looking for help. Your search for jobs on a site created by the federal government. Not for profits working to end poverty, apply for grants to get a VISTA. They interview, hire and supervise you. The VISTA organization participates in training and pay. This summer program is new, and I’m so excited to be one of the first participants. 
It’s a quest—a time-consuming, frustrating, incredibly hard-working undertaking that is life-changing, at least in my case. So, my job this summer is to let the world know about the fantastic Rx Outreach through social media. (Easy peasy!)  
This blog is the first step. It is also where you come in.  I need help! A LOT of help. To that end, I would like to announce our new initiative called… 
Please scroll for dramatic effect
You are our H.E.R.O. (Happily Encouraging Rx Outreach)! 
From time to time, I will interview an Rx Outreach H.E.R.O. and present their story. 
We are looking to find folks that may have an interest in lower-cost medications. This brings me to the essential part of my service here. 
Folks who take advantage of Rx Outreach are getting much more than a good deal. 
Here is what shocked me. Rx Outreach works on volume. That is very intentional. We pass along all the savings. So the more folks we help, the better. Why? Buying power. The more people we get using our service, the more good we can do in the world. 
We are the only national not-for-profit pharmacy. So, if you meet the (very generous) requirements, you can join up. It’s super easy to check, right on our website. Then your doctor shares the prescriptions with us, and you are good to go. 
Stay tuned! In the next entry, you will meet our first Patient H.E.R.O.!