Can I Brag a Moment?


Can I brag a moment? Just take a gander at the footer of this page. How many accreditations and awards does it take to show that an organization is trustworthy and honorable? 
These are the 20 items you have to pass to get a Better Business Bureau Recommendation. Not attributes I see in most businesses. There are a lot of less than noble players out there, but the BBB can be trusted. So, this endorsement is a fantastic accomplishment.
  1.     Board Oversight
  2.     Board Size
  3.     Board Meetings
  4.     Board Compensation
  5.     Conflict of Interest
Measuring Effectiveness
  1.     Effectiveness Policy
  2.     Effectiveness Report
  1.     Program Expenses
  2.     Fundraising Expenses
  3.   Accumulating Funds
  4.   Audit Report
  5.   Detailed Expense Breakdown
  6.   Accurate Expense Reporting
  7.   Budget Plan
Fundraising & Info
  1.   Truthful Materials
  2.   Annual Report
  3.   Website Disclosures
  4.   Donor Privacy
  5.   Cause Marketing Disclosures
  6.   Complaints
Then there is Guidestar by Candid, which promotes transparency of non-profits by providing “the most complete, up-to-date non-profit data available.”
The funny thing about this is that you can only look at one company before signing up! Not precisely transparent, Guidestar. But I digress. 
Guidestar gives a great overview of the organization and the challenges we face. You can see that we have served fewer people over the years; as we have discussed, the business model has changed due to other programs. 
NABP (National Association Board Pharmacy)
OK, this is the big one! If you are wondering what pharmacies are legit. This organization can tell you. Many shady characters want to get you your medication, but please beware, for goodness sake! That is nothing to take lightly.( If you are interested in reading more, check out our blog from April, “How to tell whether an online pharmacy is fake or safe (Hint, it is pretty easy).” )
And to back it up: the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy lets you check the safety and legitimacy of an online pharmacy by entering the website at .So now you can fight the fake and be sure that you are getting safe medications.
You get the idea. Rx Outreach has surpassed every goal. So if you are on the fence about trying us, please know that your information and medications will be safe and secure. All we want is written write on the cap of our medicines. Honoring God by Serving Others. Every prescription makes our systems more efficient. You get a good deal; we keep doing what we do. 
The following logo shows that we belong to the SureScripts® network, which means that we can receive prescriptions and personal patient information from your doctor directly and electronically to our pharmacy computers via a secure connection to the Surescripts® electronic prescribing network. This is safer and more efficient than a paper prescription.
The definition of Win/Win.
Lastly, Rx Outreach is a People-First® Certified Organization. All our employees have participated in a transformational program. We are believe all are made in God’s image and deserve to be treated with dignity. 
This belief drives our passion for serving our patients and one another with respect and honor.