Meet Penny: A H.E.R.O. and Hero

May I announce our newest Rx Outreach Patient H.E.R.O. (Happily Encouraging Rx Outreach)
HERO, in our sense, are those patients who are Happily Encouraging Rx Outreach. But in this case, our latest H.E.R.O. is an actual HERO as she saved her family from a devastating fire.
Meet Penny from West Virginia
When planning her retirement, Penny didn’t think much about the family’s house and car payments. Her health was stable, if not perfect, and on a cold night in 2016, Penny and her family went to sleep as always in their home in Danese, West Virgina.
Danese is a rural area of Fayette County, West Virginia, where some people heat their homes with a wood stove. Penny had not been able to afford propane that winter as the price spiraled out of reach.
It all happened in seven minutes
Now 68 years old, Penny recalls being startled by an ember landing on her forehead in the middle of the night. The house was on fire. She managed to get everyone awake and out just as the home collapsed. Penny said, “It all happened in seven minutes.”
Additionally, the heat from the fire destroyed the nearby and paid-off car. Her only income is Social Security.
Picking up the Pieces
In the days that followed, Penny found out that there would be no insurance payment for the home or car since she used a wood-burning stove. She managed to get by and was doing ok until another hit. Medicaid was denied. Penny said that Silverscript (Medicare) switched to e-statements during Covid, which were never received. Penny does not use email. No amount of explanation would help.
Penny suffers from seizures, and her medication from that alone, Theophylline, was over $80 a month. Penny needs this medication due to a condition that results in seizures. Without it, the attacks immediately returned.
She tried to go without, and that became dangerous fast. She required 24-hour monitoring, and she had two episodes until she got back on her medications. Luckily,  her outstanding associate at Aetna suggested that she try Rx Outreach.
A complete Godsend
“Now, all my medications are only $150 instead of $240!” Penny says that Rx Outreach is a complete godsend! “I would not be alive today without it.”
Penny said that that fateful 7 minutes changed the trajectory of her life.
But it only took another seven minutes to sign up with Rx Outreach. Because of that, she has her health under control, her seizures are gone, and she is our HERO.