Rx Outreach: Your Compliance Partner

At Rx Outreach, we know that prescribing medication only represents part of the picture in keeping patients healthy. Only about half of all prescriptions are filled annually, and far fewer prescriptions are taken as prescribed. This statistic is all too common among underserved and underprivileged patients, who often have to choose between filling a prescription and feeding their families. Rx Outreach is proud to serve as your partner in patient compliance. We help provide access to affordable medications for low-income – and often at risk – individuals and families. What’s more, we have designed business processes that help increase patient compliance.

  • We make medications affordable through donations and relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • We deliver directly to your patient’s home. Our mail order pharmacy eliminates the need to leave home to purchase chronic medications.
  • We provide 90 and 180 day supplies, which naturally increases compliance.
  • We remind patients when it is time to refill their medication.

Rx Outreach works with hospitals, clinics, group practices and individual healthcare providers to enroll patients, order prescriptions, and help manage many aspects of compliance. We offer a variety of solutions to clinics wishing to enroll and order prescriptions on behalf of their patients. Give us a call at 1-888-796-1234 to speak with someone about how Rx Outreach can be of benefit to your practice and your patients.

Heard From Rx Outreach Patients

“… You will never know how much we appreciate your help.” Katherine, PA