Rx Outreach is able to offer medications free and at low cost, thanks to the generosity of our partners.  We are extremely proud to partner with Alembic Pharmaceuticals, one of the most well-respected, established, and integrated pharmaceutical companies in the world. They supply products to over 90 countries and have grown into a world-wide leader in “generic medications” with over 13,000 employees. Most importantly, Alembic Pharmaceuticals is aligned with Rx Outreach in their mission "To Improve Healthcare With Innovation, Commitment and Trust."  

We spoke with Armando Kellum, who is the Director of Logistics at Alembic Pharmaceuticals.  


Alembic Pharmaceuticals was founded 114 years ago.  Can you briefly tell us about your company?

Alembic began in India as Alembic Chemical Works manufacturing tincture and alcohol. We later manufactured cough syrups, vitamins, tonics and sulfur drugs. In the 1960’s,  Alembic entered into production of penicillin, then bulk production of vitamin B12, and then the manufacturing of antibiotics.  Most recently, we have expanded our product offering to include ophthalmic, dermatologic, and injectable products and cover a broad range of disease states.  Our investment into R&D at 14% for the latest fiscal year is significant for a generic drug manufacturer.  Alembic's state of the art research and manufacturing facilities have helped solidify our reputation as a global leader in innovation, research and development, and safety for our many generic and branded products.  

How has the global pandemic affected your business?

The global pandemic has created some additional obstacles in running our business.  Supply chains have become even more challenging and complex, but we have taken steps to help mitigate any impact so that we can supply pharmacies and patients product in a reliable manner.

What is Alembic’s philosophy on giving back?

Alembic has a strong legacy of giving back to the communities in which it operates.  We believe it is important that the communities in which we operate do well.  Helping those less fortunate is an important aspect of that philosophy. Ever since our inception in 1907, we have worked proactively to drive the well-being and progress of our communities.

Why did Alembic decide to partner with Rx Outreach?

Our success as an organization through the decades has been catalyzed by the long-term well-being of the communities that we engage with, the places in which we operate, and the planet that we leave to our future generations. In other words, our legacy over the next 100 years will be determined equally, if not more, by our social and economic impact.  Rx Outreach provided a great avenue for Alembic to be able to help patients that are truly in need of affordable medications. We are blessed to be able to help in some way.

What about our mission ‘to provide affordable medications for people in need’ do you connect with from a personal perspective?

I personally speak to patients that are attempting to source our medicine at an affordable price.  This personal interaction reveals the importance of the work we do: bringing high quality, affordable medicines to patients. I find it extremely rewarding to help an individual patient locate the medicine they need at an affordable price. It really puts our business and mission into perspective.