Understanding Prescription Medication Labels

Prescription Medication Label Overview

Whenever you are prescribed a medication, you must be sure that you understand the key sections of the medication’s label in order to ensure your safety. The label on your prescription bottle contains information from your doctor and your pharmacy about using your medication correctly. Use the guide below to identify the key sections. If you have any questions, consult your physician. 

Prescription Medication Label

Additional tips:

  • Always check that you have received your own prescription. The label should show your name prominently.
  • Verify that the bottle contains the drug your doctor said you would be taking. Rx Outreach labels always include a description of the shape and color of the medicine.
  • Pay special attention to the instructions. Take only as directed on the label. If the instruction only says “daily” take that medication only once each day. If it says “three times a day”, take the medication at three intervals, such as morning – afternoon – evening.
  • Always read the warning labels on your prescription (if applies). The warning labels are usually on the side or back and are often separated from the main label. The package insert will describe all side-effects and warnings.
  • Taking medication as directed by your physician can help you manage your health!

About Rx Outreach

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