Welcome to Rx Outreach, America’s Non-Profit Pharmacy®.  We’re happy to partner with Done to provide your medication. The enrollment and ordering process for done patients is slightly different from our regular program, so please read below.

If you are a patient with Done, please do not enroll at Rx Outreach by phone or online. You will be automatically enrolled when we receive your prescription from Done.

1. Your doctor will send an electronic prescription to Rx Outreach, an online digital pharmacy.
2. If this is your first time getting a prescription, Rx Outreach will use the information on the prescription to enroll you in the program.
3. VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure your current address and mobile number are on file with your doctor / Done!
4. You will receive your medication within 3-5 business days.
5. Each month, you will need to access your Done portal to request a new prescription to be sent to Rx Outreach.


For any other questions, please visit here.