Affordable. Easy. Trusted. Rx Outreach is a non-profit pharmacy making medications affordable for
you and your family.

Affordable. Easy. Trusted. Rx Outreach is a non-profit pharmacy making medications affordable for
you and your family.


Our Story

At Rx Outreach, we believe that everyone deserves access to affordable medications. No one should ever have to choose between filling a prescription and feeding their family. That’s why Rx Outreach exists. Since 2010, we have saved our patients more than $822 million in prescription medication costs.

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Mission, Vision, Values & Team

The Rx Outreach Team is located at our pharmacy in St. Louis, Missouri. Our team of licensed pharmacists and Patient Care Advocates are tied together by a shared passion for our mission and the patients we serve.

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Heard From Rx Outreach Patients

“I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for sending my medicine at such a reasonable cost. It’s people like Rx Outreach that make ‘Senior’s’ able to afford their valuable medicine. A million ‘thanks’ to all. Thanks for the prompt service also.” Joseph, NJ

Discount Meds Online

Finding affordable discounted medications for your prescriptions can prove challenging in the current market. With brand name medications being priced at higher costs, low-income and needy communities suffer from reduced access to their medications. Having access to discount meds online can significantly improve their quality of life. With the help of Rx Outreach, now they can!

Rx Outreach's mission remains to provide people with access to a fully accredited and licensed online pharmacy for people looking for affordable generic medications. We look to offer avenues to underinsured people in underserved communities to find these non-commercial prescription drugs and deliver them in a timely and convenient fashion.

A Non-Commercial Pharmacy

Our non-profit online pharmacy specializes in non-prescription medications to provide people with comparable medications to the name brand, but with low-cost savings to help them stay within their budgets. Getting cheap and discounted meds online from a fully accredited and licensed pharmacy has never been easier! 

The Top Choice for a Mail Order Pharmacy

With our mail-order pharmacy, we aim to deliver your prescriptions right to your doorstep without you ever having to set foot in a physical pharmacy. Getting discounted meds and your medication by mail offer our patients greater freedom to get what they need when they need it.

Why Choose Our Low-Cost Online Pharmacy?

One of the biggest hurdles to scale in the world of medicine revolves around the high prices placed on name-brand medications. With our low-cost, online discount meds, we open up the possibilities for people that would have been priced out otherwise. The prescriptions we offer come from certified suppliers of generic discounted medications that our online mail-order pharmacy can send to patients across the nation. 

Prescription by Mail Benefits

Now that you have found a certified, cheap, and affordable source of discount meds online, you want to know how we can deliver them to you. Our prescription drugs by mail services allow low-income patients from across the nation to free themselves of most anxieties regarding how they will pay for their mail-order prescription drugs

A Certified Online Pharmacy

Finding a certified online pharmacy that you can trust to deliver the discounted medications you need can prove challenging. However, with our fully accredited and licensed online pharmacy, you now have access to discount meds online that you need. From the comfort of your couch, you can transfer prescriptions online, track refills, access a vast inventory of cheap prescription drugs, and free up some mental space from having to worry about how you're going to pay for your prescriptions!

An Affordable Prescription Drug Supplier

Our online men's pharmacy aims to become the leading supplier of affordable, low-cost prescription drugs in needy and underserved communities. Our long-term goal is to make it easier for people to get the cheaper non-commercial options available on the market and provide considerable savings that you can put to better use. Medications shouldn't have to put such a financial strain on struggling people, and Rx Outreach's mission of providing people with that kind of financial and medical relief comes at the best time. 

Whether you are looking for a 90 day supply of generic Adderall or finding online discount meds for another condition, Rx Outreach aims to be your online mail-order pharmacy of choice! Contact us to learn more about our easy enrollment process, qualifications, and any other questions you may have!