Rx Outreach for Clinics

Our Rx Outreach Clinic Program makes it easy for you to provide your patients access to affordable medications.

We have established streamlined application, ordering, and billing processes that allow you to serve multiple patients at once. Not all clinics or physicians’ offices operate in the same manner, so we offer three program options to best suit your needs.

Rx Outreach provides many benefits to your clinic or office…

  • Affordable medications. Patients can obtain prescriptions at the lowest prices possible for most mail-order prescription drugs in 90 and 180 day supplies.  There are no shipping and handling fees.
  • Fosters medication compliance. You choose whether medications are sent to the patient or to your clinic or office for distribution, based upon the program you choose. Some clinics and physicians prefer to distribute the drugs to patients since it provides an opportunity to discuss the medication with the patient and how it fits into his/her treatment plan.
  • Provides flexibility. Three program options allow you to choose how Rx Outreach best fits into your clinic or medical practice. This flexibility provides several payment options and allows clinics and physicians to share the cost of the medication, if desired.
  • Reduces administrative time. Less paperwork means your staff can focus more time on patients.  Our unique form combines the patient application and the prescription form into one easy-to-complete process.

Your patients benefit, too. Rx Outreach offers…

  • Affordable medications. Compared to retail prices, Rx Outreach features price advantages for prescription drugs. Some prescriptions save patients hundreds of dollars per prescription versus common retail prices.
  • Convenience. Rx Outreach provides access to many drugs under one program and covers the most commonly utilized generics. Upon enrollment, patients can access more than 600 medication strengths.
  • Easy application process. With Rx Outreach, patients can focus on getting well—not worrying about how they are going to get their medications.
  • Liberal financial guidelines. Rx Outreach is available for individuals and families whose incomes are at or below 300% of the current Federal Poverty Level.


Rx Outreach Clinic Options

Since not all clinics and doctor’s offices are the same, we provide three models for working with you to help bring affordable medications to your patients.


Marsha England
Rx Outreach Program Consultant
1-888-408-1079 Ext 6140


Program Name Program Description Benefits
Advocate Program  A unique form combines the patient application and prescription form.

  • Patients are responsible for mailing the form and payment.
  • We ship each order to the patient’s home or your clinic or office.
  • You can offer your patients a safe, easy and affordable medication program without investing a lot of time.
  • Patients will have a low-cost resource to obtain many of their maintenance medications.
  • Patients appreciate the convenience of having medications shipped to their home or your clinic/office.
Direct Program  We provide you with a simple combined patient application and prescription form.

  • It is easy to submit prescriptions because you can send multiple forms with payment in one shipment to Rx Outreach.
  • We ship all orders directly to your clinic or office.
  • Your staff saves valuable time because the program is easy to understand, and the forms are simple to complete.
  • You can expedite delivery of patient medications by using our consolidated application form.
  • You can reinforce medication compliance when patients pick up prescriptions.
Preferred Program Customized, pre- printed prescription forms further reduce the time to complete the paperwork.

  • Payment does not need to be sent with the order, you will receive an itemized invoice after we ship the medications.
  • Each shipment includes a detailed statement so you can quickly and easily distribute patient medications when you receive them.
  • We ship all orders directly to your clinic or office.
  • The program is easy to administer – a customized form, detailed shipping statements, and invoices minimize administrative time.
  • Orders can be submitted without having to worry about enclosing a payment.
  • You can reinforce medication compliance when patients pick up prescriptions.