Health And Wellness Outreach

Launched in St. Louis in 2014,
the Health and Wellness Outreach program was developed to improve the health and quality of life of low-income seniors and other at-risk populations. The Health and Wellness Outreach program educates people so they may be able to avoid or minimize (the impact of) a chronic disease and reduce reliance on medication. For those already battling a chronic health condition, the Health and Wellness Outreach program teaches simple, actionable ways to manage their disease. The Health and Wellness Outreach team delivers culturally sensitive training and are certified in evidence-based models of health education. Activities of the Health and Wellness Outreach program include:

  • Health screenings, presentations on chronic disease management, and resource
    information at area health fairs.
  • The annual Health and Wellness Expo in North St. Louis City. Health and Wellness
    Outreach partners with the United Way and the O’Fallon Park YMCA Recreation Center
    to host the Expo which includes a live cooking demonstration for healthy, low-cost meals
    with samples for all, health screenings, and fitness classes.
  • Health and Wellness Outreach teaches small group class topics such as:
    • Healthy lifestyles/fitness
    • Nutrition and heart healthy cooking
    • Management of chronic conditions
    • Medication safety
    • Smoking cessation
    • Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP)
    • Navigating the healthcare system

The Health and Wellness Outreach program does not duplicate existing services and provides exceptional value as training is delivered where it is needed most. Health and Wellness Outreach is unique as it does not have a physical location that participants travel to for training, as that model makes it difficult for low-income people across the region to attend. Instead, Health and Wellness Outreach partners with more than 50 area churches, senior centers, and social service organizations to identify greatest needs and provides training in community settings where it is easily accessible to the target population. It provides high quality, effective health education from professional staff that many organizations could not afford to provide on their own.

Impact: Since 2016, over 5,000 seniors and minorities have received health education through the Health and Wellness Outreach program.

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