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Rx Outreach is excited to partner with ScriptSave® to offer the RxCheck Pro at no cost to healthcare safety net providers serving uninsured and under-insured patients.  The wireless tablet will allow clinic staff to quickly compare medication resources, pharmacy prices, and multiple prescription savings programs through a simple search. The information can then be sent from the device to the patient.  This entire process has been designed to minimize cost, friction, and confusion and will help increase medication adherence.

The RxCheck Pro Tablet and data service is completely free to healthcare providers serving uninsured and under-insured patients. We hope that this will help improve medication adherence and health outcomes for the people you serve.

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Please call Bill at 1-314-627-6132 if you have questions about the RxCheck Pro Tablet, Rx Outreach, or to learn more about Rx Outreach's Preferred Partner program.

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