Scott Raque is a 4th-year pharmacy student at the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy, formerly St. Louis College of Pharmacy.  As part of his rotation, he is working at Rx Outreach for five weeks to learn about mail-order pharmacies and to gain valuable experience in providing pharmaceutical care to patients…. He took a break from speaking to patients and fulfilling orders to speak with us.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Scott. I am completing my Pharm D degree in St. Louis, but I am originally from Louisville, KY. I am a graduate of the University of Louisville, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry with a minor in Psychology. I am a great lover of soccer and I enjoy spending time with friends and my giant family. I look forward to returning home after graduation to begin my career as a pharmacist.

How long have wanted to be a pharmacist?  What attracts you to the profession?

I had become interested in pursuing a career as a pharmacist after I had already begun my undergraduate studies at the University of Louisville. I had originally planned to become a physician, but after I had gotten a job as a pharmacy technician, I found that I really enjoyed the field. The way a pharmacist may impact a patient’s life was something I had come to appreciate after seeing and hearing my pharmacists interacting with patients as well as physicians. I would not be here today without the support of my family, friends, and the wonderful pharmacists I had worked with.

What is your impression of the experience so far as Rx Outreach/patients? Why is an organization like it important?

Rx Outreach has been a fantastic experience thus far and I really appreciate the company’s ability to help underprivileged patients. As a nonprofit organization, this mail-order pharmacy has the ability to provide certain medications at prices that are cheaper than major retail pharmacies and are able to provide a massive service to individuals who are unable to afford important medications. During my time here, I’ve seen how the pharmacists take excellent care of their patients and that the customer service given to the patients is outstanding. Everyone here is so welcoming, friendly, and helpful!

Do you have any advice for people struggling to pay for their medications?

If you or anyone is ever struggling to afford medications, definitely consider using Rx Outreach Pharmacy! It is wonderful to get discounted medications and to have them delivered to your door. Outside of here, I always recommend for people to search for patient assistance programs or even coupons online. Many drug companies may offer discounted medications for those who are qualified.

What are your plans after you graduate in May?

After graduation, I plan to return to Kentucky to seek employment in a Long-Term Care pharmacy environment. I have always enjoyed the practice of pharmacy when I am able to work alongside a great team and to provide a service to a great many patients.

Thank you to Scott!