Diabetic Supplies

To help your patients better manage their diabetes we have partnered with a trusted brand to offer safe, affordable diabetic supplies.

Rx Outreach delivers your diabetic supplies directly to your door
with free shipping and handling!

Below is a description of the products we have included on our program:

Prodigy® AutoCode Blood Glucose Monitor

  • Easy to use-no coding required
  • Great for managed and long-term care
  • Large, easy-to-read screen
  • One button simplicity providing safe, accurate results
  • 450-test memory with averaging
  • HEAR and see accurate results in 7 seconds in English, Spanish, French, or Arabic

Prodigy® No Coding Blood Glucose Strips (Box of 50)

  • No coding required-makes the process faster and easier
  • Alternate site testing (finger, palm, forearm) reduces the pain involved in testing
  • Automatically draws blood into the test strip so you can test right the first time

Prodigy® Twist Top Lancets 28G (Box of 100)

  • Ultra-fine gauge, a tri-bevel tip makes sampling painless
  • Penetrates skin consistently every time
  • Universal design fits most lancing devices

Prodigy® Insulin Syringes (100 count boxes)

  • 28G 12.7mm – 1cc
  • 31G 8mm – 1/2cc
  • 31G 8mm – 1/3cc
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